I am Irshad Pc, motion designer and 3D artist based in Bangalore, India. Working and learning as creative director at Zensciences. Between stints in tech, I've worked on metaverse projects and motion capture, and interactive videos for numerous B2B clients.

Inspired by the world of concept art, product design and architecture, I like to mix interesting shape and form with stylized design to create engaging and unique work.

What I Do


Motion Design

2D and 3D animation

Craft in storytelling to work with brands globally in creating commercials and branded content, and bring unforgettable stories to the big and small screen,


Making of future

Simple, really an experience that is deeply rooted in culture, with Web.3.0, Unreal Engine, motion capture, AR/VR experiences, Instagram filters, and more, I'm stepping into the future era of digital technology.

Interactive Video

Seamless experience

Finding boundary-pushing ways to tell stories through apps, games, AR and pioneering interactive media.

UI Animation

UX research

Thrive to create designs that users fall in love with, are intuitive and scalable.Let’s craft brilliance together!

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Proudly Served


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